Welcome to Juliette's links page where you'll find personal recommendations and other astrological resources.


Juliette is the founder of Stargazers Astrology www.stargazersastrology.com


Juliette's writes for the following publications:

PREDICTION MAGAZINE - http://www.predictionmagazine.co.uk/

THE METRO - http://www.metro.co.uk/home/


Juliette is a member of the following:

British Astrological and Psychic Society

Astrological Lodge of London

Astrological Association of Great Britain


Juliette personally recommends the following astrologers:


PATRICK ARUNDELL - Popular UK Media Astrologer

JOHN HAYES - Esteemed English Astrologer in Japan

RHONA GRANT - In-Depth Consultations in St. Alban's UK

JULIA SAVAGE - Astrology and Tarot in sout east London


Other astrological resources:


PSYCHIC EVENTS: Readings with gifted psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers in and around London. http://psychicevents.co.uk/









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